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D. Amar - President and CEO

Mr. Amar has over 25 years of extensive experience in several exploration companies in British Columbia, Canada and South America.


Mr. Amar is also President of North American Gold & Silver Mining Ltd., and GMR Global Mineral Resources Corp.

Wayne Stubbington - Director

Mr. Stubbington has over 40 years of accounting experience in Canada.

Norbert Stocker, MBA - Director

Mr. Stocker is an international financial and business executive. He is currently the Senior Vice President of Financial Pacific, one of the largest independent bond underwriters in Latin America. Mr. Stocker's experience also includes several high ranking positions in wealth management, investment advisory firms and investment banking companies. He has specialized in traditional investments and also has expertise with derivatives, securities and forex markets, both as a trader and money manager.


Mr. Stocker has worked as a senior executive with a wide range of companies including Swiss Bank Corp., where he served as Assistant Vice President, Head of Precious Metals in Canada and later held the same position for Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean region. He has also worked at Ferrier Lullin & Cie SA (now Bank Julius Baer) in Geneva as VP of Special Projects and at Amirali Management Ltd. located in Dubai and the Bahamas, where he was co-founder and Wealth Management Advisor.


Mr. Stocker's skills and experience will allow North American Gold greater access to strategic partners and investors as well as provide world-class counsel regarding future financial transactions.

Gary Handley - Director

Mr. Handley has thirty years of extensive management experience in both the financial services and mining sectors.

Mr. Handley was a founder and Director at First Canada Securities International (1983-1995) and Meridian Securities International (1988-1995), both of which were sold in 1995 to Canada Trust Company. Since 1998, Mr. Handley has provided management, funding, and advisory services to junior resource clients. From 2004-2006, Mr. Handley was COO of Geotech Airborne Geophysics; a world leading helicopter and airplane geophysical survey and data company. Since then, he has a part of the management and development of exploration mining projects.

Mr. Handley is currently active in International commodity trading as an intermediary advisor

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